Sonny Webster

I have been lifting for almost 20 years and have competed in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games, and the World Championships.

In the last 5 years alone, I have helped thousands of people from all over the world to improve their lifting, mobility, and overall sports performance.

Through the delivery of 1-to-1 online coaching, training plans, mobility protocols, in-person seminars, and gym apparel across my 4 separate businesses, I will be sure to help you achieve your goals (and make sure you look sexy in the process!)

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Looking for help with your lifting?

Whether it's a training plan you require to help you reach your next PB, or you need 1-to-1 coaching delivered by elite level coaches, we offer failsafe solutions to guide you through every step of your lifting journey.

We are the leader in revolutionising the teaching of Olympic weightlifting to bring it into the 21st Century - making it easier and more accessible than ever to have perfect lifting technique.

The Mobility Manual helps people like you to move better in order to improve your performance in both your given sport, and in everyday life.

We believe the root of great performance lies with your body's ability to move freely, and so everything we do encourages people to move, feel, and perform at their best.

Not only that, but we are the only company on the market that provides sports-specific mobility protocols to help people in their given sports...

Big Friday Supplies delivers hype gym wear, athleisure, and lifting accessories to the fitness community.

The opportunity to express your emotions, personality, and passion through the garments that you wear is everything that Big Friday is about.

Here, colour is for everyone...

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Perth, Australia - 24/25th February 2024

Melbourne, Australia - 23rd March 2024

Geelong, Australia - 24th March

Wagga Wagga, Australia - TBC

Adelaide, Australia - TBC

Blue Mountains, Australia - TBC

Sydney, Australia - TBC